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Welcome to Smiles By Design

Welcome! John Derango, Alice Mueller, and The Smiles by Design team are pleased to welcome you to our practice. You can be sure we will give you the individualized attention you deserve. When you come to our office you can be confident that you will receive the exceptional care that you’ve been looking for. We encourage you to visit this site whenever you have concerns or questions about your teeth.

Practice Overview

Somewhere around 2,500 years ago Hippocrates wrote in Epidemics, Bk. I, Sect. XI: "Declare the past, diagnose the present, foretell the future; practice these acts. As to diseases, make a habit of two things - to help, or at least to do no harm." This statement still holds true today. Dr. John Derango, Dr. Alice Mueller, and the Smiles by Design team are focused on:

  • Gathering a complete history of your past medical and dental experiences ("declare the past")
  • Performing a comprehensive exam and risk evaluation ("diagnose the present")
  • Using the information obtained from your past histories, current conditions, and risk evaluation to help us determine your future oral health needs (“foretell the future”)
  • Our office will work closely with you to not only create a plan that solves your problems and lowers your risk of future problems or disease, but one that improves your dental health and creates a lifetime of beautiful smiles. ("make a habit of two things - to help, or at least to do no harm")
We truly believe “NO dentistry is better than no dentistry.” Our treatment recommendations stress conservative ways of eliminating dental disease, lowering your dental risks, and creating beautiful smiles while preserving your teeth and tooth structures. Click here to learn more about dental risk factors. Please read through our website to learn more about us. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you soon. “If you think your smile is important to you, wait until you see how important it is to us.” The Smiles by Design Team

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