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In the past, dentures were sometimes the only option when faced with the difficult situation of missing teeth. We have solved that problem with the advancement of dental implants. Implants can be used to replace a missing tooth or teeth, stabilize a loose denture or rehabilitate an entire dentition. They are made from the extremely biocompatible material titanium and are fabricated using a sophisticated process that allows them to be successful and predictable in the mouth. With success rates exceeding 97%, dental implants are a long lasting, esthetic and pleasing alternative to missing teeth.

How they work

Dental Implants can be thought of as root replacement therapy. They are shaped similar to a cylinder and are placed under a patients gums to occupy the same space of that of a missing tooth root. Here we can see how an implant (left) and a tooth (right) are similar in shape

After a period of 3 to 6 months the implants will be integrated with the surrounding bone and are ready to be restored. At this point either a crown, bridge or denture can be connected to the implants to give a patient the natural feeling of having their teeth back.

What can happen if I don’t replace missing teeth?

Bone Loss

When a tooth is removed, the body’s natural response is for the bone to shrink. This can result in up to 60% loss of bone. This often leaves a situation where there is not enough bone for the placement of an implant. With recent advances in bone grafting techniques, we are often able to grow bone where needed


Teeth adjacent to the missing tooth will begin to tip and collapse into the space. Once fully tipped they can trap food, be unaesthetic and could become non restorable

Super eruption

Teeth on the jaw opposing the missing tooth will no longer have a stopping point and will begin to extrude into the opposing space. This can be unaesthetic and cause a poor occlusion or biting ability for a patient.

Am I a candidate?

If you’re missing a tooth, teeth or have an unstable or unsatisfactory denture then implants may be right for you. A thorough examination, in our office, focusing on such things as gum health and quantity and quality of bone will help determine if you’re a good candidate. Contact our office for a consultation.

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